[MDI 4.0] Diagnostic and impact model



[MDI 4.0] Diagnostic and impact model

November 22, 2021

The MDI Model is a tool to establish improvement opportunities in an Industry 4.0 scenario. Industry 4.0 is about using technology where it adds value and can create new services, it is not smartisation for smartisation’s sake. It seeks to make companies more competitive through ICTs, new materials and new processes.

The DIAGNOSTIC AND IMPACT MODEL 4.0 [MDI 4.0] is the first step towards smart business and smart manufacturing. This model “powered by TECNALIA” is designed to have a vision of all those aspects and characteristics that will influence the fourth industrial transformation – Industry 4.0. The main benefit for the company is to identify the priority improvement opportunities on the road to becoming an Industry 4.0 company. While MDI has been applied to larger companies, the MDI LITE diagnostic is aimed at SMEs, and the MDI Ecosystem at groups of companies. All models propose a roadmap to the company as well as the first projects to be implemented.

The service is aimed at large and small 4.0 companies. MDI has been provided since 2016. Translated with (free version)

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