Infrastructure digitalisation

Sustainable mobility


The goal is to promote the digitalisation of the mobility infrastructure in order to provide the urban environment with services that give direct added value to the users, by reducing emissions and improving the citizens’ life quality.

The development is carried out in the Fuencarral Road across Alcobendas, along with the boundary of the Alcobendas Low Emission Zone, formed by Bulevar Salvador Allende, Avenida de España and Paseo de la Chopera. Thus, the four main roads of the city are digitalised at their most congested points, and Madrid is connected with San Sebastián de los Reyes through Alcobendas.

Digitalisation reaches four activities
Autonomous Bus: The goal of this activity is to develop an urban, electric and autonomous bus pilot service at some or all suggested scenes. It is esencial concerning the future’s mobility, in which innovation, safety and sustainability unite and improve the service.
Smart Parking: within local parkings through low consumption and NB-IoT broadband coverage. The city’s traffic is improved due to the sensorization of parkings places, as well as a mobile App and notice boards that inform and guide drivers towards avaiable places, thus preventing from unnecessary traffic and reducing CO2 emissions.