Smart Mobility Lab

November 22, 2021

Smart Mobility Lab by Tecnalia is a support service for the design of new ITS solutions supported by a unique infrastructure that enables the rapid prototyping of intelligent traffic management applications and systems in urban and interurban areas. Its main objective is to increase the level of intelligence in mobility management systems by means of advanced tools for analysis, simulation and prediction of traffic information based on the integration of multiple, highly heterogeneous data sources and the application of massive processing and analysis technologies (BigData). Smart Mobility Lab also aims to be a meeting point between the agents concerned by the challenges of traffic and mobility management to identify new business opportunities and their materialisation in new solutions, products and services aimed at public administrations, infrastructure concessionaires, traffic operators and technology companies. A sample of the solutions that Smart Mobility Lab can offer is the Traffic Alert System, which provides users with concise and personalised information on incidents they may encounter in the vicinity of their location or on the usual routes they travel.
The service consists of:

  • AD-HOC ALGORITHM. We develop specific algorithms that adapt to the client’s use case. Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive algorithm. Examples: o Traffic data visualiser
    • Behavioural analysis of individual mobility
    • Behavioural analysis of aggregated mobility (Origin / Destination Matrices).
    • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic prediction o Multimodal planners o Mission Planners for last mile logistics with multiple time windows and delivery error rate reduction
    • See
  • BIG DATA. We help our clients in the implementation of Big Data tools (Hadoop, Spark, No-SQL BBDD,…).
  • CONSULTANCY. We develop analysis software tools for the evaluation of scenarios.
  • TRAINING. Training on Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

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The Smart Mobility Lab is aimed at the entire traffic and mobility management ecosystem, which is mainly made up of:

  • Public Administrations, which, as owners of road infrastructures, need to continuously improve their operation in order to increase their capacity, reduce accident rates, avoid saturation and help citizens minimise the time they spend on their journeys.
  • Private companies, infrastructure concessionaires, who wish to make better use of their assets under concession.
  • Traffic managers, whether public or private, who need to continuously evolve their technological infrastructures in order to provide their networks with intelligence.
  • Technological companies developing ICT solutions for traffic and mobility management, which need to be at the forefront of R&D&I projects in the development phase that can solve currently unsolved traffic management problems.
  • How is it offered?
    • The customer provides the necessary input data for the service and the service is executed using the Smart Mobility Lab’s own algorithms and computing resources.
  • How long has it been provided?
    • With different components of the current ones (the evolution of the algorithm has been very large) since 2012.

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