Open innovation platform



Open innovation platform

November 22, 2021

From StartUp Alcobendas the City Council encourages those entrepreneurial initiatives that bring innovation in the preferential sectors of the city, from the City Council with this project StartUp Alcobendas, Collaborative Innovation Platform (API) has launched a node of connection between local corporations and startups, being a platform for collaborative innovation through which companies launch challenges for startups to design proofs of concept for the resolution of those. This has created the first collaborative innovation platform in the city, seeking to give the Star up Alcobendas space the greatest relevance and dissemination among the business fabric of Alcobendas and among national and international startups.

The aim is to attract entrepreneurial talent capable of creating innovative solutions to solve the challenges faced by companies located in Alcobendas, particularly those companies in the sectors with the greatest presence in the municipality (automotive, pharmaceuticals, ICT services, logistics and distribution). The aim is twofold: on the one hand, to support companies based in the municipality to improve their competitiveness through innovation; on the other hand, to attract and retain innovative startups in the city.

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