Low Emission Zone

Sustainable mobility

The project consists on the establishment of a Low Emission Zone within downtown Alcobendas, in which the most polluting vehicles are identified and zero or low emisión vehicles are promoted in order to achive the road traffic’s decarbonization.
Thus, a comprehensive infrastructure reform will be carried, mainly in the following fields:

  • Traffic digitalisation and connectivity (5G, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc.).
  • Integration of all data, sensors and control hubs.
  • Sensorization and real time emissions measuring
  • Electrification and monitoring of the local vehicle fleet

The expected direct and indirect outputs for the city are:

  • Air quality improvement and emissions and noise reduction (20% NOx and 10% CO2 yearly reduction, among others).
  • Economic reactivatin, by creating more than 500 direct and indirect employments and the participation of 10 local SMEs.
  • Integrated traffic and mobility management, which reduces costst for the city.
  • It is scalable to any amount of sensors, systems, territories, etc.
  • It optimizes loading and unloading vehicle routes.
  • It improves coexistence between bycicles, pedestrians and vehicles.